Economical and high-qffective wood stoves MAXI

Wood stoves Maxi allow to save the money in comparison with electrical or gas appliance. The popularity of these stoves bulerjan reviews in different countries is first of all defined by high cost of gas. Under conditions of economic crises a lot of people are searching for the economical variant of heating their houses. The most rational way - is to heat the premises with the help of wood stove or bulerjan.

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The company RUD EXHAUST SYSTEM LLC has developed the most energy-efficient wood stove with continuous mode of burning - thermal efficient bulerjan MAXI has got the unique supplementary firing system of furnace gases ""Pyrotron"". Patented supplementary firing system of furnace gases ""Pyrotron"" increases the efficiency of the bulerjan and logs burning time. It is the alternative way of heating - high-efective and cheap heating by soli-fuelled wood stoves. Wood stove Rud MAXI is the best choice for economical and effective heating .

Ordering the wood stove bulerjan with the shipping Worldwide is easy. You just need to call us! Our managers will hekp you to choose the stove for heating houses, countryhouses etc, match the capacity and give all necessary documents for you. Order the bulerjan with the shipping Worldwide by bank transfer. You can order the stovebase, decorative panels and glass in our online-store, and also choose the necessary stove for you and leave a review.

Bulerjan MAXI reviews.


Wood stove MAXI received favourable reports on the International Exhibition PROGETTO FUOCO 2016 (Verona, Italy). Our customers from Europe who have already ordered our stoves 50 kW 56kW MAXI from the manufacture (city Dnipro) have noticed high quality and efficiency of the stoves MAXI type 00, 02, 05.

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