Wood stove Pyrotron Country [Type 03] with cooking top.

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Highly-effective heating equipment for autonomous heating of the accomodations with volume up to 600m3. Capacity 25.4kW.
Characteristics of the stove are confirmed by European Cetrificate of Quality against the standards EN 13240-2001 and EN 13240-2001/A2:2004
Sidelong decorative panels is included to the standard set.
Glass with cleanup system and stovebase – are ordered additionally.

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Convective wood stove Pyrotron Country with cooking top (Bullerjan stoves) are highly-effective heating equipment for autonomous heating of living quarters and commercial accomodations. The differential pecularity of the stoves Pyrotron Countryи  (Bullerjan) by Rud Exhaust System manufacturing is high economical operation and capacity of the stove although they have similar dimensions like stoves of other manufacturers. Unique patented supplementary firing system of furnace gases «Pyrotron», provides ecological compatibility, high efficiency, high capacity and economical operation.    The part of air circuits of the supplementary firing system of furnace gases «Pyrotron» are placed pn the rear wall of the stove. This is the cause of the additional reinforcement plate. However the price of the stove is the same, in other words you get the stove woth higher capcity and possibility to heat larger area for the same money.

Stoves are manufactured according to the standard TU U 28.2-38198149-002:2014. Wood stoves Rud Pyrotron Country have successfully passed the tests in European Laboratory and have the Certificate of Quality, Ecological Compatibility and Safety of European sample according to the standards EN 13240-2001 and EN 13240-2001/A2:2004.

Wood stove Pyrotron Country [Type 03] with cooking top allows you to heat any living and industrial accomodations with area up to 240 sq.m. (ceiling height - 2.5 m). It operates on solid fuel: briquettes, wood logs and wood waste etc. Efficiency of the stove is more than 75% due to biphase fuel combustion: the first phase - the fuel is smouldering and evolving furnace gases; the second phase - furnace gases burn away completely. Due to this one loading of fuel is enough for continuous heating during 6-12 hours.

Colour of stovebase - whichever. The stovebase is not included to the set and is ordered additionally.

Technical characteristics

Name Convective heating wood stove Rud Pyrotron Country P-03
Room volume, m3 600
Capacity, kW 25.41
Efficiency, % 75.12
Fuel consumption, kg/h 3.431 - 7.228
Temperature of issuant chimney gases, Сo 338.4
Height, mm 895
Width, mm 640
Depth,mm 1120
Weight, kg 140
Diameter of the chimney, mm 150

Characteristics are confirmed by Test Report #153000016/314/4 from 07.12.2015 Testing Laboratory TZBaS is given Certificate #0033/104/2015


High-quality stainless steel. Pipes are bent on the modern industrial mandrel bending machine with CNC without ovalization and narrowings in the places of bending, diameter - 76mm. Semi-automatic welding on industrial welding equipment. Plasma cutting machine with CNC is used for manufacturing several parts of the stove.

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